How is it that I cannot sleep?
I’m gonna go get a melatonin. Try to get some zzz’s.

exactly. so please kiss me.

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Just wanna sleep, but I can’t.

Need to end my night on a slightly better note, so I’m gonna be optimistic about tomorrow.
Goodnight, everybody. 

(Also, thank you everyone who’s been asking me how I’m doing, giving me advice, and caring for my well-being. It really makes me feel good that you all care.)

sleepy, sick, and sad.

I apologize to everyone who deals with me on a basis.
I’m going to bed now. Hope I don’t do anything wrong tomorrow.

I need to get off the computer and go to bed.

I’m so tired that I completely forgot where I was for a few seconds. And also the computer is so bright and everything around me is black, and it’s like the only thing that exists is the computer.

Ignore that. The deal is: I need to sleep, I forgot where I was for a minute.

Dammit, I knew I should’ve taken my phone with me on that ten minute walk.

I wanted to talk. But you fell asleep by the time I got back.


Haha, I really don’t give a fuck anymore. I don’t go to bed until like six in the morning, now.

4:00 am!


I really should be in bed right now, but I had two energy drinks, just watched a movie, can’t sleep, and have a lot on my mind right now.

Fuck, man, it’s three.

Waking up at 1:26 pm is not good.

So last night, I had about a twelve-hour dream. The dream was about the few hours before I got electroshock therapy for the first time, and basically it felt like impending doom and shit. And it was just scary and I had breakdowns in my dream. And it was just one of the shittiest twelve hours of my life.