“There was a place near an airport, Kowloon, when Hong Kong wasn’t China, but there had been a mistake, a long time ago, and that place, very small, many people, it still belonged to China. So there was no law there. An outlaw place. And more and more people crowded in; they built it up, higher. No rules, just building, just people living. Police wouldn’t go there. Drugs and whores and gambling. But people living, too. Factories, restaurants. A city. No laws.

William Gibson, Idoru

It was the most densely populated place on Earth for most of the 20th century, where a room cost the equivalent of US$6 per month in high rise buildings that belonged to no country. In this urban enclave, “a historical accident”, law had no place. Drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes lived and worked alongside kindergartens, and residents walked the narrow alleys with umbrellas to shield themselves from the endless, constant dripping of makeshift water pipes above….

Kowloon ‘Walled’ City lost its wall during the Second World War when Japan invaded and razed the walls for materials to expand the nearby airport. When Japan surrendered, claims of sovereignty over Kowloon finally came to a head between the Chinese and the British. Perhaps to avoid triggering yet another conflict in the wake of a world war, both countries wiped their hands of the burgeoning territory.

And then came the refugees, the squatters, the outlaws. The uncontrolled building of 300 interconnected towers crammed into a seven-acre plot of land had begun and by 1990, Kowloon was home to more than 50,000 inhabitants….

Despite earning its Cantonese nickname, “City of Darkness”, amazingly, many of Kowloon’s residents liked living there. And even with its lack of basic amenities such as sanitation, safety and even sunlight, it’s reported that many have fond memories of the friendly tight-knit community that was “poor but happy”.

“People who lived there were always loyal to each other. In the Walled City, the sunshine always followed the rain,” a former resident told the South China Morning Post….

Today all that remains of Kowloon is a bronze small-scale model of the labyrinth in the middle a public park where it once stood.

This isn’t to say places like Kowloon Walled City no longer exist in Hong Kong….

— from Anywhere But Here: Kowloon “Anarchy” City

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Reminds me of Ceres from ai no kusabi

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How I feel right now.

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One of the worst weeks of my life.

I feel miserable. Physically and emotionally. 

This week, I quite possibly lost one of the most important people in my life, and I’ve spent a lot of time sobbing over the whole situation. No one’s dead, but it sure feels like it.

What followed were terrible days filled with more crying and increased congestion until it reached a point to where I now have the most excruciating sinus infection I’ve ever experience. Coupled with the fact that I no longer have the person I used to talk to in these scenarios, I just want to give up the ghost. 

It’s such a horrible feeling to no longer have your best friend who would let you lay your head down on them, despite the risk of getting sick. It just makes the pain of your sickness that much worse after you got used to that kind of thing. Having very few people to text who genuinely care really sucks when you’re laying in your bed, too sick to move. 

I know everything is my fault and I’ve been just never been too great of a person but I just know that someday I’ll be okay. Someday things will be fine; someday I won’t be sick at the very least. 

But right now I just feel sad. And sick. And self-loathing. And I just want to cry a lot because of how alone in the universe I feel. And I just AT LEAST want this sinus infection to be gone. I feel like I could deal with myself a lot easier that way. 

I’m sorry to everyone who chose to read this; I just felt like I needed to act like my Tumblr was actually a Tumblr for the first time in a while.

Jesus… I just don’t feel good.

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Anonymous asked: Goodfellas or The Departed

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"Here. Here’s simple and happy. That’s what I meant to give you."

Beginners (2010)
Mike Mills

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Look at my suit

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Taxi Driver | 1976

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J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

James Dean photographed by Phil Stern, 1955.

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